About DAMZL, Inc. Based in Seal Beach, California, DAMZL is a creator of extreme sports apparel and products for women. Taking their love of off-road motorcycle riding to the next level, sisters, Heather Birdwell and Holly Gorrell, formed DAMZL in April 2005 to cater to the growing needs of women in off-road sports. The company currently provides motorcycle riding apparel for the dirt, such as: riding jerseys, riding pants, shirts, thermals, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, beanies, stickers and jewelry. The company will soon be providing women's apparel for other sports markets, such as wakeboarding, snowboarding and surfing, to name a few. DAMZL is also the creator of DAMZL FUEL, an energy beverage designed exclusively for women. As the tag line implies, a drink that is "Not for Dudes!"

The philosophy behind DAMZL is one of empowerment, to instill in women a sense of adventure beyond the norm by being part of a movement to "Feminize the Machine." This new movement is becoming the ideal for many women in extreme sports who have thirsted for something that truly defines their hardcore lifestyle and attitude. "Feminize the Machine" was the brain-child of Holly Gorrell, co-founder of DAMZL, who was tragically killed in October 2005, while riding in Glamis, a desert haven for off-road enthusiasts. Holly's passion for life and vision of a new league of women in extreme sports, continues to fuel Heather and the DAMZL pink trailer to keep rolling, promoting the DAMZL attitude and daring all women to "Feminize the Machine."

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